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Politically correct. What is the nature of the beast named politically correct? The problem with the arguments voiced here so far is that few of them regard the topic with the proper perspective. That is the word for the day;
      perspective n 1: a way of regarding situations or topics etc.; "consider what follows from the positivist view" [syn: position, view] 2: the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer [syn: linear perspective]
For instance: a brief narrative of perspectives of the same situation.

The setting: an unwashed, militant, vegan hippy has tied himself to a tree. A mean spirited, corrupted, corporate titan wants to cut said tree down.

Hippy screams: Stay away from the tree. You are evil! Recycle fucker! Stop killing Mother Nature!

Capitolist whispers to forman: Can we just shoot him?

Forman (A libertarian) says: Uhm, I don' think so sir; no.

Hippy screams (again): You probably test your vile... tree-products on baby seals! Yeah, and you are obviously a racist woman hater!

Capitolist whispers to forman: How does he know all of these things about me? Look, never mind; just tell him that I own the damn tree and it's my right to cut the fucking thing down.

Forman says: Yessir...

Forman hollers: Uhh, look pal, I just wanna to go home, eat dinner an' drink myself into a coma while watching Monday night football. Mr. VanCorperatescum here owns that tree there an' he's payin' me to cut said tree down. Why don' you juss go home an' cut yer loses; eh buddy?

Hippy screams (just assume he is screaming): No way scum suckers; this tree has rights! Without these trees, the planet will die and our children will live in a barren wasteland! May the blessed Earth Goddess curse your wretched life force! I hate you I hate you I hate you!

Capitolist says: Fuck it, I'm going to my car and getting my fucking gun.

Hippy: Guns are evil! Die!

Now, regardless of the fact that it was silly and the parties involved were obviously extremists; which one is "right"? I couldn't bring myself to side with either one of them personally. From an outside perspective they are both "wrong", in one way or another. This is the inevitable error in trying to make any topic of debate a black and white issue.

The idea of political correctness is intrinsically flawed on many levels however, in the early nineties, it was an attempt at creating a set of guidelines to keep people from doing things like shooting each other on the freeway or in the classroom. America is a time bomb of negativity, and getting called a "nigger" of a "fat slobby bitch" isn't going to improve anyone's attitude.

I agree with the idea that courtesy should be taught at home. In an ideal world, we would all just not be pricks. This is most certainly not an ideal world. I also agree with the idea that when the government starts to tell me how to address people or my school tells me that I can get thrown out for looking at a girl in a "sexual manner"; that it is time to do something or get the fuck out of dodge. My mother taught me that black people were the same as I am and that women are equal to men. She taught me that people with Mohawks were no different than people with ties. Not everyone is lucky enough to receive such an exemplary education from their parents. Having some semblance of a collection of guidelines for not pissing other people off is not in any way "evil".
Granted, having some self righteous crystal worshipper inform you that the Earth Goddess is going to eat your soul is pretty annoying, but it doesn't make all people who go out there and try and bring humanity together shit-heads.

In the end, it's just a long-since-dead socio-political buzzword. Just be good to each other and ignore the idiots.