I have zero fashion sense so periodically one of my younger sisters comes up from Virginia with armloads of clothes for me. Makes me feel like a kid again, getting hand-me-downs from my sisters, since I was pretty scrawny until I reached my twenties.

Both of my sisters attended university and belonged to the same sorority, perhaps that's how she became so concerned about appearances. In any event, last time she came to help with my mother, she dumped about forty articles of clothes in my arms, saying, "Some of these would be perfect for funerals. Some are from people at my church who died; the rest no longer fit my daughter since she's gotten fat."

I'm all for honesty, but this was too much, even for me. I just thanked her and accepted the clothes. They sat in a pile for two months until one very hot Saturday recently when I decided to give my husband a private fashion show in one of the few air conditioned rooms in our house.

Took about two hours and we laughed so much, it was totally worth dealing with polyester and low-rise jeans that were five inches too long. I'm ready for funerals though.