I am decadence!

I have come to tempt you!

Here is the decadentest hot chocolate of them all. Make it and see. You will feel naughty, I guarantee.

Per serving (cup):

The whipped cream is a bit too much for me, heaviness-wise. It's only for those really-sweet-teeth of you out there, or the ones for whom decadence is above all. I put it here because while this is so unbelievably decadent anyway, that extra decadence in the form of whipped cream on top is, well, really damn decadent. The cinnamon powder is simply to be sprinkled atop the whipped cream for that bit extra decadence, and then the cherry on top for the final decadent blow.

I wish I knew how to take the insides of the marshmallows out, but I don't*. So if you don't either, do what I do is this: shove a toothpick in one side of the marshmallow and jiggle it around, taking as much stuff out as you can. Once you have made an opening, stuff the marshmallow with mint pesto.
Heat the milk up in a pot. Just before it starts spilling all over the stove and the floor, take it off, because we want it to be super hot. Put in a teaspoon of the hot chocolate mix and the toblerone in the cup, and fill with milk (remember to whisk away the curd). Stir until it's all dissolved (the Toblerone too), and add the marshmallows. Voila!
If you want, you can cover it with all the extras (whipped cream et al.)

I change the chocolate to whichever suits my mood. So I don't always use Toblerone. I use orange-flavoured chocolate, or just plain chocolate. But I find using a chocolate such as Toblerone will make it slightly decadenter, and you get so many sweet flavours mixing with one another that it's just, well...so damn.... (say it with me)... decadent.

*But TheLady does: how to gut a marshmallow.

Credit must be given to the sneffmeister for noding mint pesto, thus giving me the original idea (of putting it in hot chocolate), and then coming up with the "marshmallow stuffing" idea, which might be a world first! (And that's why nobody knows how to do it).