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A total B-movie made by Troma Films, the same people who brought you the Toxic Avenger. Written and Directed by Joel Reed, and starring Seamus O'Brien, Louis De Jesus, and a lot of other people you most likely have never heard of, this movie is somewhat considered a cult classic

The plot, as far as I can tell from the half of the movie I saw, is that this guy is running an avant-garde sex and mutilation "show" in the basement of some building in town for the upper class folk who want to get a peek at the twisted underworld. Unbeknownst to them, this is no show, but real acts of mutilation performed on a plethora of naked girls. Filmed with a really shoddy camera and backed with a horrible script, this movie even boasts a midget.

When I was a kid, and I was on my horror movie kick, the guy at my local Video Galaxy told me that it was one of the grossest movies he has ever witnessed, and proceeded to tell me about a particular scene where they suck a guys brains out through a straw. Sounds like something similar yet 1000% cheesier than a scene in Starship Troopers.

Comments from the back of the box (which is labeled on the front with the disclaimer "WARNING! This film contains scenes of freaks sucking blood.") include "Sicko, Gross-out" (LA TIMES), "GHASTLY" (LA WEEKLY), and "UTTERLY SICKENING" (VILLAGE VIEW). Oh yeah, and the American Cinematheque writes "There isn't a single frame of Bloodsucking Freaks that isn't completely repulsive and fascinating at the same time."

I knew a girl once who told me that this movie gives her orgasms. This is not a joke, she was being serious. I think someone needs to check her papers.