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This site is pretty cool. I think I'll hang out here for a while.

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Blue Monday

(thing) by NewOrder                       Reputation: -5 (+1/-6)

How does it feel to treat me like you do?
When you've laid your hands upon me and told me who you are...
Thought I was mistaken.
I thought I heard your words.
Tell me how do I feel? Tell me now how do I feel?

Those who came before me lived through their vocations.
From the past into completion, they will turn away no more.
And still I find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me
Just how I should feel today

Please use Day Logs     link and link     too much bad poetry on E2
Would you like some cheese with that whine?     awful     Touch the Puppy

[   ] wharfinger says (from an editor): we try to confine the more, er, personal expressions of angst to things called daylogs. Just submit it in the node under the current date; there's a link from the front page.
[   ] wharfinger says to reply just type /msg wharfinger (something) in the Chatterbox and hit the "Talk" button.
[   ] dannye says Please read E2 Quick Start and The Perfect Node before you try something like Blue Monday again. For one thing, you need to put some hardlinks in there.
[   ] phook says Blue Monday is kind of interesting. I voted it up. You're interested in writing lyrics or something?
[   ] The Custodian says Greetings! Welcome to E2. Consider lurking for a while and reading some things on the Page of Cool to get an idea of how things go around here. Things like your Blue Monday usually get filed in something called daylogs. See today's for instance.
[   ] redon says That's kind of a weak first writeup, and you need to put some links in there

<NewOrder> why is my writeup getting voted down?
<wharfinger> Wag: I'm a liberal. I'm yawning. That's what a liberal is: Somebody who's yawning.
<ueni> the swedish liked potatoes
<Roninspoon> I don't know, you could go home and complain quietly to yourself about the conspiracy.
<wharfinger> ANEMONES!
<Wagstaff> wharfinger: oh lay off you. Not that I have any idea what you're talking about anyway.
<NewOrder> i thought my writeup was fine, why is it getting voted down?
sid is one of the users not in this room...
<Professor Pi> obladee oblada
<Muse> My mom's name is Ruby.
EDB has swallowed NewOrder. Keep 'em coming!

[   ] Klaproth says I ate your writeup Blue Monday because it was a big fat introspective whine. Mmmm. Wine. It will soon rest in Node Heaven.


(thing) by NewOrder                       Reputation: -3 (+2/-5)

I like walking in the park, when it gets late at night. I move 'round in the dark, relieved when it gets light.
I sit around by day, wrapped up in chains so tight.
These crazy words of mine, so wrong they could be right

What do I get out of this? I always try, I always miss.
One of these days you go back to your home. You may even notice that you are alone. One of these days when you sit by yourself, you realize you can't shout without someone else.

In the end you will submit, it's got to hurt a little bit.

Note: my first writeup got 'nuked', so I put links in this one. I'm just trying to express myself. Why is this getting voted down?

Please use Day Logs     this is an example of really bad poetry     try cocks     Earn Your Bullshit
What do you want, a cookie?     none of this will mean a thing in 100 years

[   ] dannye says Subculture is better, and I see you've put in a few hardlinks, but ultimately it's not going to cut it. We are raising the bar here. Take a look in my homenode for some links to some really outstanding writing.
[   ] sockpuppet says Re: getting downvotes. People expect really personal stuff to go in daylogs, or on one's homenode. I see some rhyme in there, is it supposed to be poetry or something?

[   ] Klaproth says I ate your writeup Subculture. It will soon rest in Node Heaven.

E2 nuke request

(thing) by NewOrder                       Reputation: 0 (+0/0)

Please remove all of my remaining writeups. I want nothing more to do with this website. If nobody here likes my writing, I'll take it elsewhere. I'm thinking of forming a band, and that's going to take up most of my spare time anyway.