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/me misses sensei too.

To be honest, the only direct interaction I ever had with him was when he placed one of my nodes on the Page Of Cool. He sent me a /msg telling me, and I sent one thanking him for telling me. (I was wary. It was right after the flood of Stop thanking me for C!ing your writeup! nodes)

But not for putting it there? he wanted to know.
Oh yes, definitely for putting it there. I guess you're not one of the people that hate getting thank yous for C!'s and such'
Oh, no. Politeness is always in order, it rotates the cogs that keep the nodegel fresh'

I liked that, I like the way he stated very simply without saying it that E2 is a community, and a microcosm of real world, and should work with civility as such.

Even so, this having been my only interaction with him, he was always around, and he has that funky dai un on his homenode. And reading his nodes, (not just the recipes,) I find myself wanting to softlink Some things Sensei has tried to teach me to each of them. And (like I'm one to talk about this) the catbox frivolity can still use some sake or moshi or whatever it is he's always handing out in the midst of chaos.

I miss sensei, he's in my thoughts, I can only hope the best for him.