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Aversion to early sexual encounters is a cultural bias that is by no means universal. A most extreme example is The Sambia tribe of New Guinea where boys from 7 to 10 fellate older boys regularly as part of their spiritual education. Just because adults in Western civilisation didn't engage in oral sex when they were in middle school doesn't automatically dictate that their children should not as well. The only thing you can conclude is that children who do not engage in oral sex are more likely to grow up to be like adults who didn't engage in oral sex.

Why might it be beneficial for children to engage in oral sex?

  • They will delay intercourse in favour of oral sex, thereby lowering incidences of unwanted pregnancies and STDs1.
  • They will gain a better anatomical understanding of genitalia.
  • They will improve their oral sex techniques thereby enabling them to give pleasure to those they love in later relationships.
  • They will become more comfortable with others' and their own bodies.
  • They will place less significance in sex; which may or may not be good.
  • They will make better White House interns.2

But I must agree with momomom, for the next generation to enjoy these benefits, both genders must learn to give as well as receive.

1: Oral sex is usually considered a low risk activity for the transmission of HIV. This fact alone (independent of other STD rates) makes it clear that oral sex is preferrable to intercourse as far as STDs are concerned.

2: Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)