Aristotle wrote that a virtue is the mean between two vices. Just because buying a product is not a substitute for hard work, doesn't mean that no new products are allowed. One should judge a household cleaning product on its merits, not on some hackneyed elbow-grease anti-capitalist philosophical mishmash.

So look here. If you have a clean house- which I do- and hardwood floors- which I do- Swiffers are pretty cool. I sweep and vacuum every two days, and still find that the fur from my two cats can make for some psycho dust bunnies. Swiffers are perfect for keeping hardwood floors dust-free.

Don't tell someone that was in the Army that he doesn't know what "clean" means, or what it is to clean the shit out of something. I can vacuum, sweep, and mop a floor and then run a Swiffer over it and still have it come up black. Maybe I am looking for an unreasonable amount of cleanness- fine, gig me on that. But don't say that Swiffers are worthless. They sure are too expensive, and probably wasteful, but they do what they're designed to do. I heard about them word-of-mouth, so I have no idea if they do what they're marketed as doing. If I purchased Swiffer products expecting the perfect robot lover perhaps I would be disappointed.

But as I asymptotically approach the unreachable zero of perfect cleanliness, I find it useful at times to swiff.