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If you've ever...

  • Called someone you just met "Hon"
  • Scrubbed down white marble steps (or watched your grandmother doing so)
  • Walked across the Bay Bridge
  • Thought Bill Don looked funny in that bathing suit
  • used the phrase 'Downy Ocean'
  • made a quick trip to Delaware for a sales tax free TV
  • run a snowball stand
  • made your relatives from Kansas take an early flight home by demonstrating the proper way to eat crabs
  • regarded making fun of New York2 as a favorite pastime

Then this may be the group for you.

The E2Hons group exists:

  • To nodevertise Marylandia
  • To coordinate gatherings of people from Baltimore and central Maryland1.
  • To discuss ideas for more silly entries to the list above.

1Oh hell, we'd better invite people from Washington, DC so they won't bomb us. And we might as well invite people from Philly too, if they promise to bring cheesesteaks.

2Don't get us wrong, New York's a great place. But don't imagine for one minute that we'll ever forgive you for Jeffrey Maher.

Venerable members of this group:

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This group of 33 members is led by momomom