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The H section of Robert Cawdrey's 1604 dictionary A Table Alphabeticall.


Not content with a mere transcription, I have also translated Cawdrey's 400 year old English into modern E2 English, through a process involving the OED, much research and many educated guesses.

The main entries may appear in as many as five parts :
          Original {Corrected} [Repaired] (Modern) <E2>

Original is exactly as it appears in Cawdrey.
Corrected fixes what I believe to be a typo.
Repaired swaps I with J, and U with V, as necessary for current alphabetic usage.
Modern gives the modern American spelling.
E2 removes plurals and verb endings and such, so it links to an existing node.

Each operation is performed on its left-hand neighbor. The results are omitted if nothing changed. Only the rightmost word is hard-linked.

A leading (f) indicates French origin, a leading (g) indicates Greek origin.

If an entry is marked with clueless, then my search for a modern version of the word has come up empty.

Please msg me with any corrections or suggestions.

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HAbilitie (ability), abilitie (ability)
ablenes, or of sufficiencie
able to dwell in
habitacle, habitation
a dwelling place
habite (habit)
apparell, fashion, custome
disposition, plight, respect
(f) hale
pull, draw, lift vp
halaluiah (hallelujah)
praise the Lord
to deceiue, or blind
(g) harmonie (harmony)
agreement of diuers sounds in musicke
(f) hautie (haughty)
loftie, proude
(f) hazard
venture, chaunce
(f) herault (herald)
kings messenger
see Gentile
from Hebers stock
(g) hecticke (hectic)
inflaming the hart, and soundest parts of the bodie
(g) hemisphere
halfe of the compasse of heauen, that we see
head peece
hereditarie (hereditary)
comming by inheritance, or succession
inheritance, possession
herbinger (harbinger)
sent before to prepare
(g) hereticall (heretical), hereticke (heretic)
one that maintaineth he resies
hermite (hermit)
see ermite
(g) heroicall (heroical)
beseeming a noble man, or magnificent
(f) hideous
fearefull, terrible
(g) hierarchie (hierarchy)
the gouernment of priests or holy gouernance
(g) hymne (hymn)
kinde of song to the prayse of GOD
(g) hipocrite (hypocrite)
such a one as in his outward apparrell, countenaunce, & behauiour pretendeth to be another man, then he is indeede, or a decieuer
(g) historicall (historical)
pertaining to historie
(f) homage
worship, or seruice
(f) homicide
a man killer, or the killing of a man
(g) hononimie {homonimie} (homonym)
when diuers things are signified by one word
fearefull sorrow, feare, terror
(g) horizon
a circle, deuiding the halfe of the firmament, from the other halfe which we see not
saue now
good entertainement for friends and strangers
(f) hostage
hostilitie (hostility)
hatred, or enmitie, or open wars
marchant, or trade
belonging to man, gentle, curteous, bounteous
humide (humid)
humiditie (humidity)
hush, husht (hushed)
peace, or be still
(g) hyperbolicall (hyperbolical)
beyond all credite, or likelihoode of truth.


See Also Main Entry, Introduction, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I/J, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U/V

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