Abbotsford is a small city in British Columbia, Canada, and it is a hole.

It has an approximate population of 117,000 spread across 88,616 acres.
There have been (as of December, 2000) 4,415 business permits issued.
The average income of a resident is $33,166 CAD

I, unfortunatly, have the displeasure of living in this town. It is the most right-wing (as in "you're going to hell" not as in you should pay less taxes) place I have ever been to in Canada.

Abbotsford has churches every block and a half or so. It's the only place up in the great white north where you can go to a baptist church and right across the street, there is ANOTHER Baptist church. (Note: there is nothing wrong with Christians or Baptists, but like any group, there are the crazy extremist types... and the ones out here are extremely vocal and visible)
Although there are (apparently) 4,500 businesses in town, they all close by 11:30PM. When you've just finished a coding at 3AM and you would like to go out for coffee, the only place to go is Tim Hortons or drive out to Vancouver (in case you wanted decent coffee)
If you ever have any desire to come to this God-forsaken place, don't...

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