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Answers In Genesis is a Christian organization which provides information and literature, and occasionally seminars, to Christians on such topics as Creation Vs. Evolution, conflicts between science and the Bible, and many others.

Their claim is that they are not a group of young-Earth creationists, or any other issue-specific label, but rather that they believe the Bible wholeheartedly and that belief in the Bible leads to belief in a young earth, etc.

For this reason they offer books, sound bytes from their web site, and even vacations, and they are in the process of building a museum to house their findings. They will also host a weekend seminar at your church if invited.

Link: http://www.answersingenesis.org/

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Answers In Genesis. Well, maybe that's a lie. I think they're pretty evil. I have a lot against them. I think the point is that they would have more against me.

Anyways - sometime before my major religious change, I was a Christian, though I took exception to a lot of common teachings. My church had decided to host an Answers in Genesis weekend seminar, for the benefit of all.

I'll try not to cast the whole thing in a bad light, but here are the titles of the different workshops given during the weekend:

So, as I listened in on a few of these talks, I began to wonder - the man who's standing up there, giving us all of this wonderful scientific proof of why radio-carbon dating is meaningless, shouldn't he have a "Dr." or something by his name? Well, it turns out, he's not a scientist at all. I'm not sure what he is. Apparently, he's just a demagogue they hired to tell people about this stuff. I guess the scientists are... Somewhere else. Couldn't make it to the seminar.

So, I stayed for about 6 hours of Mr. Demagogue and his projector of doom--apparently, powerpoint must believe in evolution--and came away with about enough scientific evidence to fill a thimble, or less. Actually, I'm not sure there was any evidence at all; The whole thing was just the demagogue telling us all that this or that wasn't true, or that such-and-such couldn't have happened, just because.

Well, it wasn't 'just because' really -- Insert 'because the Bible says so in a literal way' for every 'just because'. So, here we are, yes, the Bible says this or that, and since we believe the Bible, we certainly can't believe science, because science is... Hard. Too hard to get a degree in it.

I wasn't impressed with the Answers In Genesis seminar.

Note: Yes, the workshop titles are fake, or exaggeration

Note on my personal beliefs: I believe the universe is 10-20 billion years old because I can look outside and see stars. I haven't settled on anything after that, except that donuts taste good even the day after.

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