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April 17, 1972

NothingLasts4ever is born.

Elton John releases Rocket Man/Suzie (Dramas) as a single in the US.
Grateful Dead play a concert at the Tivoli Gardens inCopenhagen, Denmark and play He's Gone for the first time ever.
Jack Nicklaus wins his 4th Masters Tournament.
Elvis plays a concert in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Women officially allowed to run in Boston Marathon Nina Kuscick becomes first to run.
Apollo 16 was heading towards the moon, having taken off the day before.
At 9 p.m., two firebombs are thrown into Holy Cross University's AFROTC building, causing fire, heavy smoke and water damage.
USS Buchanan, a guided missle crusier hit while serving in Vietnam... not sunk.
Prison guard fround dead at Angola federal prison.
Last time George W. Bush flew an airplane while serving in the Air National Guard.
Count Basie and Joe Tuener release Flip Flop & Fly.
Angela (Dandelion) Richards, Keith Richards daughter is born.

Executive Order No. 389 announced amending Executive Order No. 281 (Dated December 29, 1970), Creating the Presidential Commission to Review and Revise the Reorganization Plan

Baltimore Orioles 4, New York Yankees 0 at Memorial Stadium
[Cleveland Indians 4, Boston Red Sox 0 at Fenway Park
Los Angeles Dodgers 8, Atlanta Braves 3 at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
Houston Astros 7, San Francisco Giants 2 at Astrodome
St. Louis Cardinals 5, Philadelphia Phillies 4 at Veteran's Stadium

more to come as I learn about it...

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