A money god. Otherwise known as an ATM. A machine which will spit out cash withdrawn from your bank account, allow you to transfer or deposit funds into your bank account, or do other very simple transactions that do not require a human to supervise the transaction. This may be the way of the future.

ATM - Automatic Teller Machine

An Automatic Teller Machine is a machine that reads information off a little plastic card, usually a credit card or debit card, you enter a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and the machine gives you money.

The idea of the Automated Teller Machine is by no means new:

On November 12th 1946, the first drive-up banking facility opened. This was done by the Exchange National Bank in Chicago, Illinois. There were 10 teller windows with slide-out drawers (Source: uselessknowledge.com)

ATMs in different languages (yes.. Not too many - I don't speak that many languages. Send me info!!)


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