If you were even marginally interested in pop culture in the late 1980's, you've heard Big Pig.

Don't scratch your head for too long. They didn't really tear up the charts with hit single after hit single, they didn't take MTV by storm, and you'd be hard pressed to find either of their wide release albums nowadays. In fact, as far as I know, this band has disappeared into relative obscurity.

Perhaps best known for their single "Breakaway" from the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Big Pig was the sort of novelty act that got swept up in America's brief infatuation with Australia along with Yahoo Serious, Paul Hogan, and that Energizer battery guy. Their band consisted of a stunning line-up of three drummers (Neil Baker, Adrian Scaglione, and band founder Oleh Witer), a couple of percussionists on vocals (Sherine, also of The Editions, Bang, Big Choir, Gospel Truth, Jo Jo Zep Band, The Rock Party, and roughly seven million other less successful groups, including a couple of solo ventures, and Nick Disbray), a harmoinca player (Tony Antoniades), and the obligatory 80's keyboardist (Tim Rosewarne, also of Bang and Big Choir).

The band cut a total of three albums: a mini-LP in 1986, their major label debut, Bonk on A&M in 1988, and their final album, You Lucky People, in 1990. Of these, I have only heard Bonk, and I sorely wish it were still in print in the United States. It is currently impossible to get ahold of here, but is full of very unique, percussion-oriented (seeing as how they had about five different people beating on stuff... roadieing for them must've been hell) pop music.

As of this writing, the only proof that this band ever existed is in their appearances on the Young Einstein and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure soundtracks. Forgotten by their fans (both of them, I suppose), Big Pig has sadly all but disappeared into the mists of fifteen minutes past. If you happen to chance upon one of their records in an old vinyl shop somewhere, don't hesitate to pick it up. The morbid collector of former dreams and glories in you will thank you.

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