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BM (also "B.M.") is an abbreviation for bowel movement, hence the pun that a person in a cold area using an unheated toilet will have an icy BM.

In the Library of Congress Classification System, call numbers beginning with BM are assigned to items about Judaism.

I doubt this has any connection to the historical fondness of canonical Jewish mothers for prescribing an enema as a cure for various ailments, but it makes you wonder.

An unpleasant combination of weather that occurs when a dust storm and a rainstorm meet. This occasionally happened when we lived in Lubbock, Texas and the local term for the resulting mess was "BM" or "Blowing Mud".

Guitar chords: B minor
 |1---1  2nd fret
   #  #

Notes:   1  : B
         b3 : D
         5  : F#

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