The Beginner's Overview of The Tarot:

I. Introduction to the Tarot
II. The Major Arcana
III. The Minor Arcana
IV. How to Read Tarot Cards
V. Bonding with the Cards
VI. Tarot Spreads
VII. Tarot Reference Works


V. Bonding with the Cards:


Most practitioners have agreed that the best way to bond quickly and bond well with your tarot cards is to sleep with them under your pillow at night and by just using them often.

By sleeping with the cards under your pillow, you allow the spirit of the cards as well as the Oracle into your being. Being asleep, most of your guards are down and the spirit can bond with you. Different practitioners follow different guidlines for keeping the cards under your pillow. Some sleep with one card of the Major Arcana under their pillow at a time, taking it away only when the figure or concept on the card appears in their dream. Some place the whole of the Major Arcana or even the whole deck under their pillow until they feel that it is the right time to remove them. Everyone does what works best for them. These methods are all optional, but they work for the vast majority, and bonding with the cards will allow you to have deeper, more meaningful readings.

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