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A range of dolls and other accessories marketed by MGA Entertainment, the Bratz are the girls with a passion for fashion. Younger and sassier than Barbie, the Bratz with oversized pouts, eye shadow, exposed midriffs and names that look like they originated from a dud Scrabble hand. They carry no pretentions about becoming vets, astronauts or housewives. Rather they just want to put on make-up and bling bling, get dressed in hardcore trendy streetwear and par-tay.

Perhaps more concerning than Barbie's intimidation of mathematics is the Bratz's slogan: Don't theorize. Accessorize.

the Bratz Pack

  • Cloe (the blonde): "Friends call me Angel because that's what I am!" Likes shopping and the mall. Symbol: halo.
  • Dana (the brunette): "Friends call me 'Sugar Shoes' because when I step out, I do it sweet!" Symbol: high heel shoe.
  • Jade (the Asian): "Friends call me 'Kool Kat' because I love cats! And because I'm cool!" Likes 'Xtreme' fashions. Symbol: cat.
  • Sasha (the soul sistah): "Friends call me 'Bunny Boo' because I love the hip-hop thang!" Runs the school prom committee. Symbol: rabbit.
  • Yasmin (the tanned girl of colour): "Friends call me 'Pretty Princess' because I rule!" Likes to read. Symbol: face with a crown.
  • Fianna (another tanned girl of colour): "Friends call me 'Fragrance' because I am as sweet as I smell!" Symbol: vial (of perfume, presumably)
  • Nevra (yet another TGOC): "Friends call me 'Queen B' because I'm sweet like honey and in charge!" Symbol: bee.
  • Meygan (almost a redhead): "Friends call me the 'Funky Fashion Monkey' because even when I just hang
  • I still look good!" Symbol: monkey.

Of course, there has to be a couple of guys in their universe:

the Bratz Boys

Young girls love the Bratz - regardless what their older killjoy sisters say about shallowness or unabashed materialism. With Bratz you don't need Barbie's physically impossible figure or pedigree Aryan looks, just a passion for fashion!

Pending - the Garbage Pail Kids parody of Bratz - Slutz

ref: www.bratzpack.com, and the forthcoming Bratz the Video! Starrin’ & Stylin’

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