Note: This is not a Cut & Paste Writeup. This list started off with celebrities whose real names I remembered seeing elsewhere, and has grown thanks to additions messaged to me, as well as my own discoveries.

Please continue to message me with additions to this list. Thanks.

- A -
Julie Andrews (Actress) - Julie Wells
Fred Astaire (Actor, Dancer) - Frederick Austerlitz

- B -
Tony Bennett (Musician) - Anthony Benedetto
Milton Berle (TV Personality) - Mendel Berlinger
Irving Berlin (Composer) - Israel Baline
David Bowie (Musician) - David Robert Jones
Mel Brooks (Actor, Director) - Melvin Kaminsky
George Burns (Actor) - Nathan Birnbaum

- C -
Nicolas Cage (Actor) - Nicholas Coppola
Carrot Top (Comedian) - Scott Thompson
Chevy Chase (Actor, Comedian) - Cornelius Crane Chase
Cher (Actress, Musician) - Cherilyn Sarkisian
Alice Cooper (Musician) - Vincent Furnier
David Copperfield (Illusionist) - David Kotkin
Tom Cruise (Actor) - Thomas Cruise Mapother

- D -
Bo Derek (Model) - Mary Cathleen Collins
Danny DeVito (Actor) - Daniel Michaeli
Vin Diesel (Actor) - Mark Vincent
Bob Dylan (Musician) - Robert Zimmerman

- E -
Carmen Electra (Model) - Tara Patrick
Elvira (Actress) - Cassandra Peterson
Eminem (Musician) - Marshall Mathers

- F -
W.C. Fields (Comedian) - William Claude Dukenfield

- G -
Judy Garland (Actress) - Frances Ethel Gumm
Whoopi Goldberg (Actress) - Caryn Johnson

- H -
MC Hammer (Musician) - Stanley Kirk Burrell
Taylor Hawkins (Musician) - Oliver Hawkins
Hulk Hogan (Athlete, Actor) - Terry Bollea

- I -
Ice-T (Actor, Musician) - Tracy Morrow
Billy Idol (Musician) - William Broad

- J -
Elton John (Musician)- Reginald Dwight
Don Johnson (Actor) - Donald Wayne

- K -
Michael Keaton (Actor) - Michael Douglas
Larry King (TV/Radio Personality) - Larry Zeigler
Don Knotts (Actor) - Jesse Donald Knotts

- L -
Ann Landers (Columnist) - Esther Lederer
Michael Landon (Actor) - Eugene Orowitz
Bruce Lee (Martial Artist) - Lee Yuen Kam
Huey Lewis (Actor, Musician) - Hugh Cregg
Jerry Lewis (Actor, Comedian) - Joseph Levitch
Lisa Lisa (Musician) - Lisa Velez

- M -
Madonna (Musician) - Madonna Louise Ciccone
Dean Martin (Actor, Musician) - Dino Crocetti
Barry Manilow (Musician) - Barry Alan Pincus
Marilyn Manson (Musician) - Brian Warner
Walter Matthau (Actor) - Walter Matuschanskayasky
Meat Loaf (Musician, Actor) - Marvin Lee Aday
Freddy Mercury (Musician) - Farookh Bulsara
Moby (Musician) - Richard Melville Hall
Marilyn Monroe (Actress) - Norma Jean Mortenson-Baker
Demi Moore (Actress) - Demetria Guynes
Mandy Moore (Musician, Actress) - Amanda Leigh Moore

- N -
Bebe Neuwirth (Actress) - Beatrice Neuwirth
Jack Nicholson (Actor) - John Joseph Nicholson
Chuck Norris (Actor, Martial Artist) - Carlos Ray

- O -

- P -
Pink (Musician) - Alecia Moore
Natalie Portman (Actress) - Natalie Hershlag
Prince (Musician) - Prince Rogers Nelson

- Q -

- R -
Donna Reed (Actress) - Donna Belle Mullenger
Judge Reinhold (Actor) - Edward Ernest Reinhold Jr.
Joan Rivers (Actress, TV Personality) - Joan Sandra Molinsky
Winona Ryder (Actress) - Winona Horowitz

- S -
Jane Seymour (Actress) - Joyce Frankenberg
Charlie Sheen (Actor) - Carlos Irwin Estevez
Martin Sheen (Actor) - Ramon Estevez
Snoop Doggy Dogg (Musician) - Calvin Broadus
Suzanne Somers (Actress) - Suzanne Mahoney
Robert Stack (Actor) - Robert Modini
Sylvester Stallone (Actor) - Michael Sylvester Enzio Stallone
Ringo Starr (Musician) - Richard Starkey
Jon Stewart (Comedian, Actor) - Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
Sting (Musician) - Gordon Sumner

- T -
Mr. T (Actor) - Lawrence Tero
Tina Turner (Musician) - Annie Mae Bullock
Shania Twain (Musician) - Eilleen Regina Edwards
Steven Tyler (Musician) - Stephen Victor Tallarico

- U -

- V -
Vanilla Ice (Musician) - Robert Van Winkle

- W -
Christopher Walken (Actor) - Ronald Walken
John Wayne (Actor) - Marion Morrison
Sigourney Weaver (Actress) - Susan Alexandra Weaver
Gene Wilder (Actor) - Jerome Silberman
Stevie Wonder (Musician) - Stevland Judkins

- X -

- Y -
Michelle Yeoh (Actress) - Yeoh Choo-Kheng

- Z -

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