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DangerDoom is what you get when underground hip hop legends MF Doom and Danger Mouse come together to form an epic album about the adult swim cartoons. This is actually rather appropriate, as Danger Mouse draws his name from the cartoon of the same name, and MF Doom draws his from the Marvel Comics villain Dr. Doom. Danger Mouse is known as a DJ and a producer, he produced the Gorillaz album "Demon Days" among other things. MF Doom(the "MF" stands for "Metal Face") is a sarcastic rapper born in London and raised in New York city. A member of the group KMD (as Zev Love X), Doom and band mates were forced into relative obscurity because of the controversial nature of their "Bl_ck B_st_rds" album. However, Doom thrived in the underground, and acquired a significant following.

The album, "The Mouse and the Mask" was released in October of 2005 on Epitaph records in conjunction with Adult Swim, and features guest appearances by Cee-Lo, Ghostface Killah, Talib Kweli, and many of the voices of Cartoon Network's finest late night programming. Plug Independent Music Awards recently selected "The Mouse and the Mask" as the Hip-Hop album of the year for 2005, and additionally selected Danger Mouse as Record Producer of the Year. MF Doom also received a nomination for Artist of the Year.

1:El Chupa Nibre
2:Sofa King
3:The Mask (with Ghostface Killah)
4:Perfect Hair
5:Benzie Box (with Cee-Lo)
6:Old School
8:Basket Case
9:No Names
12:Vats of Urine
13:Space Ho's
14:Bada Bing

And after some dead air on the 14th track, there is a secret song wherein Meatwad raps for a while.

Perhaps the secret of the albums success is that it doesn't use the popularity of the cartoons as a crutch. The actual music is the star, and the cartoons are a neatly integrated portion. It doesn't feel like a capitalist venture either, it feels like a truly creative endeavor that the artists were excited to be a part of. It provides something for both seasoned veterans of the genre and complete hip hop n00bs.

Check out www.dangerdoom.com + www.myspace.com/dangerdoom for more information.

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