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While they are both set in the same game universe, Microprose’s strategy games Master of Orion and Master of Orion 2 have many radical differences between them. Which of them is “better” is a matter you’ll have to decide for yourself, but here’s a comparison of the two. If you can think of any other significant differences that I‘ve overlooked, don’t hesitate to message them to me. Maybe someday this node will include comparisons of these two games with Master of Orion 3 as well, but that probably won’t come anytime soon.

Master of Orion

Master of Orion 2

  • Includes versions for DOS, 32-bit Windows, and Macintosh.
  • Maximum of 8 races in a galaxy.
  • Each star may have anywhere from zero to five planets in orbit around it.
  • Farmers and/or special facilities are needed to make food. Without food, population units die of starvation.
  • Planets’ production is controlled by allocating population units to jobs (Farmer, Worker, Scientist) and by building production-increasing facilities.
  • Specific buildings exist to increase industrial output. Only one of each type may be built on each planet.
  • Missile Base is a specific building. Only one may be built on each planet, and missile base technology must be researched.
  • Colony ships are a special type of non-combat ship. No other ship may be used to colonize planets.
  • A colony ship may colonize any inhabitable planet without special technology.
  • During combat, each ship is controlled individually.
  • Individual spy units are trained on planets and then given assignments.
  • Marines, armor and militia are used for surface combat.
  • Freighters are needed to move food and population. Transports must be built to move marines.
  • Taking over an enemy planet gives you the option to kill the existing population or to assimilate it. (If your government is Democracy, you may not kill populations in this fashion.)
  • Selecting to kill the existing population of a planet counts as genocide. However, you may assimilate an entire empire without gaining ill reputation.
  • Rebellions only occur on captured planets whose population has not yet been fully assimilated.
  • Only one technology may be researched at a time. Exception: races with the Creative bonus.

Other Changes in Master of Orion 2
Some differences don’t really have a good contrasting point, so I’ve listed these kinds of changes here.

Master of Orion manual
Master of Orion 2 manual
Thanks to m_turner for pointing out that there were Macintosh versions as well.

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