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Created by Padus, Inc., DiscJuggler is the quintessential CD recording software for 32-bit Windows operating systems. The most expensive version of this software supports up to 32 CD-recorders on the same system and can record to them all simultaneously. One of the best qualities about the program is that although it is industrial strength, it is dainty enough for someone who just wants to make a music CD for his/her car.

DiscJuggler supports a number of functions, namely pre-mastering to CD, digital audio extraction (CDDA) and data extraction, CD to CD copying from a single recorder, CD to CD copying from two CD drives, CD to CD image, CD image to CD, and erasing CD-RW discs.

DiscJuggler allows you, prior to recording a CD, configure a number of options not found in any other home-use CD-R/RW software. DiscJuggler can force recording in Mode 1, Mode 2, data only, audio only, can create Joliet file-systems, bootable systems (El Torito), Apple extensions (for the Mac users), the UDF packet-writing format, can optimize cache settings for individual drives, can force a specific date and time for the files on a CD, and can exclude specific files.

In addition, the type of audio recorded and extracted can be specified as WMA, MP3, or WAV; the CD image created can be auto-verified; the cycles can be verified; the L2 cache size can be specified; the recording can be set to test, burn, cache the CD, verify the CD, read UPCs, scan gaps/indexes, read and write in raw mode, ignore read errors, support up to 99 minute CDs, make multiple CD copies, set a limit on the read and write speeds, truncate CDs, overburn CDs, and has the option of setting different fail-safes for burning CDs (copying files to the drive before burning, moving the files before burning, making a CD image before burning).

In short, DiscJuggler (currently version 3 and available from padus.com as of December 2000) is the ideal and most flexible piece of CD-R/RW software on the market for the PC. It is very advanced and has a plethora of features so it is not for the beginning user, but anyone who feels comfortable with the features of anything as difficult or more difficult than EZ CD Creator should be able to get the hang of it fairly quickly.

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