I was in a big, white room with walls that were somehow climbable. The walls were higher towards the front of the room, but there was no ceiling - the room was open to the air, but somehow also closed in. There were many desks in the the room, big police-style desks.

There were four cops or rent-a-cops in the room, as well as many (50? 100?) "refugees" (for lack of a better term) like myself. We were dressed in off-white, baggy clothing. I started tweaking the cop-types (especially one of them who I identified with John Wayne). I don't remember how it started - or why we were there (I vaguely remember something about a riot?). I know that it didn't seem that we should have been imprisoned - but we were. At some point, the cops were threatening me, (but I knew they couldn't actually hurt me). Then a woman walked in through a door in the front of the room. She was something like a schoolteacher or an administrator. I was in the middle of a cursing streak, so I started cursing her, too, "Bitch. Whore. All women are whores". She tried to curse me back, but was unable to think of anything after "fuck!" She just made a weird short whirring-spitting-vroom sound like a broken machine.

Then one of the cops came up to me (a vaguely asian looking guy) and said "do you see this form? Now we have to fill in an incident report." And I awoke.

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  • Pete confessed he writes for the Onion.

  • I was myself and also this other woman from Texas - Dinah? She was receiving ghost messages through the air from a man who was not a ghost but knew some. He appeared to her at night, in her cabin, telling her about the ghost of Bill Evans. And there he was, this white guy, right in my driveway, talkin to me. He said "white guy" because he had been with the Indians for so long.

  • Driving around the mountain at night I somehow ended up behind the new Kroger. There was snow everywhere and Santa Clauses skulking. Why were there so many people standing around on the mountain? I had just gotten it into my head that they were mannequins for some sort of morbidly enormous Christmas display, but as I slowed the car I could see they were all moving towards me, faceless, and my car was stopping, and I couldn't help it, and I knew none of this was good.
  • Obligatory Roommate Dream. I am sitting on the couch, balled up watching television or reading (in reality, I rarely sit on the couch nor watch TV). My roommate comes home from school or work or whatever, sits down behind me, wraps her arms around me and holds me, the game is Spoons and I am the inner spoon. The dream turns uninteresting as she puts her hands down my pants to grab my ass.

    It's night. I'm back in the big house. Do I still live here? I can't find my room, whether it's now mine or not. I see the door to Dr. ______'s room, so I go in there. She's gone, but I stay there, in the tidy, two-storey room. I do some research (it's a very girlie room, but it's chock-full of reference materials). Then I decide to leave. The clock radio is on, and I switch the station back to WCRB, where I imagine it was, because I want to hide all evidence of my presence in there.

    Before I can leave, the lights go out. When they come back on, there's a woman with a sharpened pencil pointed perilously close to my eyeball. It isn't Dr. ______. I try to explain to her that I'm not an intruder, and how I thought this was still Dr. ______'s room. Eventually, I recognize her (it's Amy), and she recognizes me. We welcome each other. Some more housemates show up, and it's a convivial atmosphere. Matt remarks how Amy actually unabashedly likes me this time around, instead of the awkwardness (at best) she felt back when I had a crush on her.

    We're all gathered in another room. Mine? I'm not sure. I give Amy a kiss on her back, but I'm not sure if it means anything, especially since I'm seated next to her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend?) and there are others with us in the room. It would be nice to be alone with her. Do I still live here?

    Some of us are back in Dr. ______'s room. Amy's parents arrive, and I meet them for the first time, as they bring their suitcases in. They both unnerve me and make me feel at ease. Why are they here? Do I still live here? It would be nice to be alone with Amy.

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