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I was playing basketball inside the department store but not with a ball. We used some improvised "balls", merely made of glass so that it was likely they are going get broke. But we were doing okay with couple of my mates. However, the staff of the store were on their toes but they did't prevent us from playing.

After a while inevitable happened and I dropped a lamp used as a ball on the floor and it broke into pieces. Next to me there was a young dready worker who took an evil smile on his face: He was carrying loads of similar lamps in his basket and now he took the advantage of my accident starting to throw his lamps on the floor. Obviously he tried to blame me for this.

I was furious over his behaviour. I caught him and relatively violently I took him towards the bosses. I asked the member of the staff to back me up because she saw what happened.

I don't know for sure where I was heading at but I had an intermediate landing in Paris. Probably I was going to fly to Eastern Europe or even to Asia. Anyways, I didn't have a clue why I had to spend a night in Paris -- the plane connection will depart 4AM.

I didn't want to take a hostel or anything and I decided to spend the night with other young people on the streets nearby. At least we had something to do or chat. Some guys played relaxed football and they formed the following teams: The advocates of current form of globalization vs. The antagonist movement of global financial system.
The division between players wasn't any clear and players joined the game as they pleased. The Antagonists got the free kick and I took my place in the wall. However, it was only a trick and the free kick was passed to me, I turned around and I run towards the goal. The Advocates were pretty sure I was in their team but.

The game wasn't that competitive and many guys took a rest. Also some fellows were quite selfish so it wasn't really fun anymore. One mangy dog came to play with us but the dog didn't enjoy playing the ball for a long because it was very old dog and therefore not in good form. However, I got the ball and I noticed the problem of lack of joy. That's why I showed off all my talents giving a miraculous pass to some guy. Couple of guys got inspired: "Hey, that's the way it should be done..!" Now we had a fun game going on again..

River & Relatives

  • Floating down a river with August and Tish, we come upon strange little extraterrestrials playing as trolls for the flow and not letting us pass. They are so weak and tiny that we just skip over them easily. The memory is hazy but we have to get downriver quickly to prevent some disaster.

  • With my father, I meet my cousin Matthew for lunch. He looks and acts like a 4-year old child, even though he's actually 19. I speak with his father, Eric, on the phone briefly, listening as he cracks jokes in his New York accent.
Church of the Bizarre:

One part of last night's dream (early in the morning) involved my meeting with bol in Douglas.

"Where are you off to?" I said.

"I'm going to Church, with you!" he replied.

This was strange to me, especially in light of bol's transformation into his college self - i.e. longer hair and old, worn leather jacket.

But still, we wandered off on the ring road near the petrol station until we came to the local shopping mall.

In here? I asked.

This is where it always is." replied bol.

We went inside and it was done up exactly like a church, all big and quiet and there were several women I know who were dressed as priests.

After a short, ten minute service - which was mostly composed of everyone saying "Scaramouch!" in unison - we went out again into the sunshine.

Outside, many of the church-goers, all dressed in black were gathered around a huge steaming pot in the car-park. We went over to join in. I asked what was in the pot and bol said;

"Ox hooves and pig's heads, of course!"


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