I'd left the office in a large city with Claire, one of my engineers. I was without shoes. We arrived at a building that had a below-ground reception, where I checked with the receptionist and was given a pair of new trainers, unlaced. I knew that there was something sinister about this reception.. and then it occured to me that this was the HQ of a government spy organisation.

I glanced up at a digital display panel (very long, like a stock exchange's zipper display), and saw a series of announcements by the IIA, including the new boardmembers. The executive director came over to me, and asked if I would give a speech to the new boardmembers about current internet policy. I knew I had to get back to the office, but agreed. I sat on a stool and started to lace my new shoes, and seemed to have trouble speaking to the people who'd gathered in a semi-circle (those damn shoes needed lacing..)

I'm chasing this girl through an elaborate mall. She ran into this store where I had to search really hard for her and almost knocked down this little old lady. I spotted her and ran after her again. Outside in the spiral parking lot I caught up to her. As I looked into her eyes I realized who she was, she was Mary from Dracula 2000. I kissed her passionately and we walked off hand in hand.

The reason I am sure I had this dream was because I had just seen Dracula 2000 that night before I went off to sleep.

My uncle was visiting in Kokkola, because he had borrowed his gigatracktor to someone and needed it back. As I and my dad came to see it, we turned to the parking lot almost completely filled by the ermonous farm machine! It was like a tractor pulling tractor, exept made from heavy steel and about 5 times bigger! My uncle came down the long rope ladder, and said that the man who had borrowed it had to have been driving it in quite bad terrains because he had installed spiked tires. He pointed at one of the tractors 10 meter rear tire that had bolts thicker than my thumb pointing out from the rubber tire. After a while of admiring the tractor I noticed that the ladder going to its seat had few steps at the top of it, and one last step at the bottom of it. My uncle noticed me wondering about them, and decided to demonstrate them, stepping on the last step and starting to spin the ladder around in large circles. He got more speed, and somehow made a somersault, catching the upper steps with his legs and hanging upside down. From this position, he threw his left leg behind second step, and lifted himself up to reach the upmost step with his hands, then climbing up the rest of the ladder. I was sleepy, but this still impressed me greatly so I clapped my hands at him. He came down again and told that he could summon a vixen for me, and I thought that if he had just made something like that on the ladder he had to posess some sort of magical powers, so I wasnt very sceptical about his promise..

Later in the same dream when we were at home, my dad told that I had screwed up with the tractors trailer. I told that I hadnt even touched it, but he told that I should see it in the morning anyway. I staggered angrily into my room and closed the door behind me, but got scared as I noticed someone in the room wearing my clothes. It was the vixen I was promised, looking cute and as scared of me rushing in angrily as I was of seeing someone in my room. She had my cap backwards on her head, my jeans and shirt hanging loose on her slim body. I calmed down and told that I was sorry for scaring her, and that I'd need to change clothes. She walked towards the door, but I stopped her and asked if she knew what could happen if my parents saw her, but she just turned to the corner. I realized that she was just trying to be polite by not watching while I change, but as I was taking my jeans off, I noticed her peeking over her shoulder. I smiled at myself and kept undressing, but as I got to my underwear, I heard a vulpine "Yip!" as she was peeking me again with fascinated eyes. I laughed and said "My pants wont fit if you keep being so cute!". She smiled and walked in front of me, letting her pants fall, revealing her black undies. She sat on my knee, and I wondered how she had gotten a rubber band on her undies, but got more to think of as she started pulling her shirt off. She arched her back as I caressed her furry sides, but I woke up..

A man had just moved in the flat next door. I was in his place while he wasn't there, and leafed through his bookshelf. I knew that he was a member of a Christian denomination (or spin-off religion, some would say), that held both the Bible and two extra books as canon. He had their augmented Bible in an ordinary single volume version with thin pages and small writing, and he also had all the books in the Bible as separate volumes, with ordinary pages and all the text set in Times 12. The Bible was identical to the ordinary Christian Bible, except for the aforementioned extra books, and that the chapters weren't called "chapters", but "suman".

But what I found really interesting about my new neighbour's religious book collection, was that he had the two extra books of the religion in their original language, which was clearly not of this Earth. To my untrained eyes, the script looked vaguely like lower-case Roman letters, interspersed with Benjamin Franklin's proposed ligatures for the English language, and a few acute accents. But there was more! Another volume contained a reference grammar for the language in question, and another a dictionary. I decided to get my own versions of the books, so that I could point out inconsistensies in the language, and thus prove that it was an invention of the religion's founder, rather than the language of the aliens/angels (the similarity with the Mormons was getting quite obvious at this point).

I was becoming a little bit lucid, so I decided to find out the name of the denomination/religion for this writeup. I looked in the foreword of the single-volume Bible, but had difficulty finding any references to the religion by name. I saw a word that looked like a corruption of "Joshua", but I wasn't sure whether that had anything to do with it.

I had many dreams but only two made me feel like punching the wall when I woke up.

I was in a room with my ex-girlfriend and a guy I knew/know from school named Fester. My ex-girlfirend, Ruby, and I were on the bed. See we were somehow back together and we were kissing and Fester was there and he was playing some video game but I knew he was watching. The dream involved her saying some words of love to me. note: I think I had this dream because of my earlier node. I noded before I went to sleep.

The other dream. I came home and I walked into my parent's bedroom. The bed was full of presents and my mother told me where mine were and I got them and headed to the dining room table to open them. I had gotten a lot of presents and was ready to open them all. I got a bunch of cool things, mainly they were cds and I love cds. note: i got but a few things for Christmas, approximately 3 things.

If I had things to smash when I woke up I would have smashed them, luckily my mom puts all the good stuff in the living room. Hehehe, well, I am so close to them and still a little pissed.......
I dreamed that the earth had stopped spinning, and that the moon was suddenly hurtling towards us on a collision course, getting bigger and bigger every second. It was night, I was swimming in a lake.

A friend asked me, when I told him about the dream, how I knew that the earth had stopped spinning. I was pretty sure there was a concrete, visual way that I found this out in the dream, but as far as I could remember at that time I "just knew". He also asked me if when the earth stopped revolving, all the people fell off. This seemed ridiculous, even though physically it's probably what would happen. But somehow it seemed to me like if the earth actually did stop spinning on its axis, there would be a sort of delayed reaction, like the illusion of gravity continuing past its actual physical manifestation.

Tell me I'm crazy :)

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