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Dreamt of a ship last night, a very humongous ship which was like a ship-carrier and released smaller ships out into the ocean. I recall, in the dream, looking at some blueprints for one of the smaller ships, trying to figure out how to rearrange cargo for some reason.

Suddenly I'm at my house with friends, and they have brought a girl with them, who they then take to the room downstairs from mine and proceed to have wild group sex with, without me. Anyway I get worried that my parents will notice and I will get in trouble to I try to stop them to no avail. Then I woke up.

Due to my absolutely crappy sleep cycle, I've been remembering a lot of dreams lately. Today was not an exception.

I was with a girl that I used to hang out with when I was young, early junior high, and we stopped to do something. Only we stopped at my family's church, and I went in to ask her Nanny (grandmother) for a snack. Everything was laid out as if for a potluck dinner except it was all snack foods. Some of them were strange. She set me all up, asking a million questions about my preferences for different things like bird seed cake. She filled up a paper plate for me. As I was getting ready to leave, the function started, and people started arriving. On my way to the restroom I saw a little basket set out full of the candy corn pumpkins you can get around Halloween (which strangely enough I don't really like that much) and we decided to just walk off with the basket.

I was leaving with my family, and my parents decided that they would be happier if my oldest brother and I rode together in my car and the youngest brother rode with them, because they were unhappy with us due to the basket-lifting incident. When my dad tried to unlock the family minivan with the remote keychain, a red truck flashed its lights instead. I was confused because it was the wrong vehicle, but a man from church started walking towards it from the other side of the parking lot, laughing that they clicked their keychains at the same time.

I got inside my car and started driving, but it was dark and foggy and murky and I had trouble controlling the car. I narrowly missed a tree backing up, and remarked to my brother that at least I missed the tree this time. I pulled out of the parking lot, still poor visibility, and tried to put on my seatbelt as I exited. I couldn't because I was wearing a bulky coat. The parking lot of our church exits almost right into the outside of a 90° angle in the road.

Suddenly there came two eighteen-wheelers in a row, lights lit but looking small is if from a distance, over the hill (there is no hill in real life). Then another one came, on the wrong side of the road. I swerved into the incorrectly empty oncoming lane, but the truck moved too and was still coming at me.

Then, I was facing the other direction, and big trucks were zooming out of control around the corner, sliding on to the side of the road. I was actually being fairly successful at dodging them, although this was due more to chance and luck than skill because I wasn't really doing any fancy driving.

I was in a grocery store picking out food. I was looking at frozen hash browns but couldn't decide how many, or what brand to get. I really wanted some, but I wanted it to be yummy. My brother was with me, and he went around the corner. I got the idea that we should split whatever we got, so I wouldn't be stuck with all of it.

My brother turned into Jack Black, and as I rounded the corner he was just throwing things into the cart. He acknowledged that he didn't know what he was doing, and asked me to help him pick out food. He seemed to be as hungry as I was. He grabbed a box of mini-pizzas and just through it in the cart.

Like I do with my own brothers when they just indiscriminately throw things in the cart, I started to quiz him. Had he looked at the price? Was this the cheapest brand of that item?

Then I realized it was Jack Black. He was a famous guy. He didn't have to worry about money.

I woke up whispering out loud: "Oh yeah, you're rich. Will you buy me food, too?"

It's early, I may go back to sleep for a while. But I may eat something first. I think I'm hungry.

Serious confusion, mixed with the scent of feaces, urine, death. The flailing of arms! Destruction of psyche! How far had this patient gone before this end of ends? Had they ever dreamed that leaving this world could bring such turbulence?

All these things and more echo round the room, as doctors pile up to watch the spectacle.

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