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I was apparently in an outdoor stadium. It looked suspiciously like the H.S. Football stadium near my house, where my H.S. played against (and beat) our old rivals much earlier in the year.

So I'm sitting there, and next to me is this girl. A girl I had rather liked, and went out with a few times, before I found out she found me uninteresting and ditched me to go watch some soccer player she liked. We're both sitting there, and as far as I can tell, there's no one else around. Seeing as we were in a football stadium, there was probably a game going on, but that didn't matter. Nothing else mattered.

I'm looking at her, and says to me: "You know, I think I was wrong about you. We had so much fun at that party last night. We should go out again sometime." I'm dumbfounded. I just sit there, staring at her, amazed. Ecstatic. Incredibly thrilled.

That was my mistake. After waiting for me to say something for a few seconds, she says "You see, that's why I got bored with you. You're too quiet. Goodbye." With that, she gets up and walks out. Gone. I'm too shocked to even turn to watch her leave. I just sit there, still looking at where she was, completely crushed. That now makes twice I've blown it, all beacuse I didn't know what to say.

And then I wake up.

I saw my daughter in the best of my dreams today. I'm still eighteen, I don't even have a daughter yet. But I saw her today.

And I do love her the same way as I could hold her in my arms right now...in fact, I can feel my hands touching her skin, staring at her smile...

We were on the street, and my girlfriend held her in her arms, in the softiest, kindest way I think I'll ever see in my life again. But I really wait for my sleep to come back to dream it one more time.

It's hard to explain a dream like this, but I saw my little daughter, my baby, another piece of mine, there, sleeping in my girlfriend's chest (in the same way and with the same face I always like to do myself), who was sitting in a park chair.

I think this image is going to last forever in my mind, and all I want with this WU is to immortalize it and share with the whole world perhaps the best thing I ever saw (or thought).

I was in a sad state between dream and awake from the time I went to bed (1:30AM) and the time I went to sleep (around 7:00am). The whole seven hours I laid there my nose became more and more stuffed and my throat more scratchy. I dreamed that members of the band Sister Hazel were harrassing me somehow with a chat transcript. It seems they were beating me over the head with it, claiming I had said something bad about them. I still can't make sense of the dream, it was often interupted by coughing and sneezing.

When I finally did fall asleep, I dreamed that Brian Desveaux of the band Nine Days started going to my university, and we had several classes together. He would always try to sit next to me, and we would flirt and pick on the teacher. He followed me around the whole day, I think we ended up making out before it was over.

Unfortunately that was about the extent of my dream. Oddly enough I have never found Brian Desveaux particularly attractive until I woke up this morning with a weird feeling that he liked me. It's funny the things one's brain can come up with from a touch of a cold.

Salvia Instructional Video

  • I sit down and turn on a video. On the screen I see a man in a film noir city being pursued by demons. Then I realize I am that man and frantically run out of the building. I know that I must contact the spirit of Salvia divinorum in order to escape my pursuers. I also know that it was because of Salvia that I am in this fix.
I'm in a city... Torino, Chicago...? I'm really high on some psychedelic and I'm with Mike Gordon the bass player in Phish and sometimes filmaker/author. He's on a mission to film piazze/public spaces, and stores??? I'm his guide except I'm so high I can't talk, let alone guide. He's really funny and is craking deadpan, black jokes all around. He's really assertive as well and takes control of the situation when a security guard at one of the stores??? demands to know what we're doing and I'm to jellyfished to respond.

Then the alarm went off.

So I am sent to Wal-Mart to buy something. Batteries, I think. While I am there, I buy a 25-cent soda from the machine. It is a coke. I take a sip of the coke, but then I realize that I do not drink Coca-Cola. I spit it out, feeling a little dirty. Then, out of nowhere, Christina Ricci comes up and starts talking to me as if she knows me. This is odd, for in real life, I have no fixation on Ricci. I think it came from the fact that I read a very funny writeup here about her. But I digress . . . .
We are walking around the store, with her acting like a drunk or something. Being loud, bothering people, etc. We see various people that I know in the store, and I am quite embarassed to be seen with her
The end.

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