So here we have it - against my better judgement and no doubt with the primary intention of sending myself entirely potty -

the fantabulous 2007 incarnation of the world-renowned e2 Secret Santa!

What you need to know 1

  • You can sign up from today until October 31, 2007. Sorry, this year's opprtunity has passed. Try next time around?
  • You should be assigned your willing victim by November 5, 2007. All done!
  • Gifts should be mailed by December 7, 2007, and then you need to tell me. Please don't just not send a gift, I don't want to have to put people on SecretSanta forbiddance next year.
  • There is no limit on spending, so please don't feel as if you have to spend a king's ransom. Homemade gifts rock. Every time.
  • The usergroup created for us is E2SS2K7. However, this is going to be used for announcements only. Really.

What you need to know 2

Sometimes, life gets in the way and you might not be able to send a gift. If this is the case, please make sure that you tell me. This means I can arrange for a back-up SecretSanta to send a gift. As stated earlier, I don't want to have to put anyone on SecretSanta forbiddance next year, and I really don't want anyone to be disappointed. It's just not pretty.

This might seem entirely obvious, but please ensure that you - or at least a designated representative - will be able to receive the gift at the address you include on your sign-up form. So that means don't put down your term-time address when actually you'll be home with your family for four weeks over the holiday. I'm sure that your SecretSanta will love the gift they send you, but they want you to have it, rather than sending it to themselves via a rather convoluted and fairly expensive mailing programme.

What you need to know 3

I've probably harangued you enough about what and what not to do. Maybe you still want to sign up. The form's here. Complete and send to

  • Nodername:
  • Name to which you'd like parcels sent:
  • Address to which parcels should be sent:
  • Email address at which you can be contacted:
  • Special delivery instructions:
  • Would you be prepared to be a back up?
  • What you would or would not like to receive:
  • Anything that I might need to know - friends, enemies, lovers, to whom you'd rather not have to send a gift, for example. This goes no futher than me.
  • Anything else. At all? No? Okay:

What you need to know 4

Please everyone, lets play nicely. This is supposed to be fun. Adding some further information about yourself and what you do and don't like to your homenode might help out your present-bringer choose something for you. If you have any questions at all, just ask.

Who's up for it, then? (A 'sent' following a name indicates that their SecretSanta has mailed their parcel.)

  1. ch'i-lin - sent!
  2. Blackpawn - sent and arrived!
  3. DTal - sent and arrived!
  4. edebroux - sent!
  5. RPGeek - sent and arrived!
  6. Two Sheds - sent!
  7. Timeshredder - sent and arrived!
  8. rootbeer277 - sent and arrived!
  9. darl - sent and arrived!
  10. Segnbora-t - sent!
  11. golFUR - sent and arrived!
  12. futilelord - sent and arrived!
  13. aVheretic - sent and arrived!
  14. pjd - sent and arrived!
  15. voltaireontoast - sent and arrived!
  16. aionaever - sent!
  17. Andrew Aguecheek - sent!
  18. SharQ - sent and arrived!
  19. StrawberryFrog - sent!
  20. squeezie - sent!
  21. La petite mort - sent and arrived!
  22. TheLady - sent and arrived!
  23. evilmoxie - sent and arrived!
  24. ushdfgakjasgh - sent!
  25. Nadine_2 - sent!
  26. Ouroboros - sent!
  27. gwenllian - sent and arrived!
  28. libertas - sent and arrived!
  29. WaldemarExkul - sent!
  30. kohlcass - sent!
  31. mriparian - sent!
  32. Tato - sent!
  33. Moosemanmoo - sent and arrived!
  34. Wiccanpiper - sent and arrived!
  35. Junkill - sent and arrived!
  36. Shaogo - sent and arrived!
  37. Apollyon - sent and arrived!
  38. Heisenberg - sent and arrived!
  39. Andromache01 - sent and arrived!
  40. Dimview - sent and arrived!
  41. imp/buddha - sent and arrived!
  42. wertperch and grundoon - sent and arrived!
  43. Angela - sent and arrived!
  44. Jack - sent and arrived!
  45. sloebertje - sent and arrived!
  46. The Debutante - sent and arrived!

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