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The 'Elph' series is a line of extremely small cameras by Canon. Originally introduced based on the AFS film format, it now also includes Digital with the introduction of the Canon Digital Elph/Powershot S100! These are tiny metal body cameras, usually around 4-7 oz in weight, and less than 4 inches on their longest dimension...they're quite handy for toting around when walking, or just keeping on you for whatever embarrassing shots of your mates you can get. Outside of North America, this same line is called (I believe) the 'Ixus.'

Elph is a name given by the U.K. elecro-pagan band Coil to the music that comes out of electronics on its own volition, without being consciously thought out or composed by the artists. The members of the band, John Balance and Peter Christopherson, think of it as a third member of the band, and have realeased several albums under the name Elph. In my opinion, these are some of their best, regardles of how they were concieved.

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