Let me get this straight....

When you grow up, you become more emotionally mature. You want to settle down. You are more willing to compromise. You give up the present for the future. You see the world in grays. Responsibility. You are willing to swallow your anger, your outrage and your miscontent to keep what you have.

If thats the way of the world, I hope I'm never emotionally mature. When you want to settle down, doesn't that just mean you become complacent and no longer wish to explore? When you compromise, don't you end up compromising your beliefs? When you are willing to sacrifice for the future, isn't it impossible to live in the moment? When you see in grays aren't you just turning yellowbellied? And when you accept responsibility aren't you doing so simply to gain acceptance? And aren't you just selling yourself out when you swallow your feelings in order to maintain?

While overly general, I prefer my unsettled idealism and courage to premature middle-age...err emotional maturity.

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