A project of 'Founder & Chief Editor' Micha Lindemans, the goal of the Encyclopedia Mythica is to create a free online encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legend. Like many such internet projects1, access to the Encyclopedia Mythica is free, with donations accepted to offset webserver and software costs.

OIf interest to Everything2 noders, the information on the Encyclopedia Mythica site is not in the public domain. In autumn of 2000, permission was secured to leave certain posts copied from that site up, as long as they were annotated: (c) Encyclopedia Mythica, http://www.pantheon.org/. However, wholesale copying from that site to E2 is not permitted. Please do not do so! Please contact an administrator for further info, or if you find unattributed work from Encyclopedia Mythica in the E2 database. Thanks!

1. Such as E2....

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