(Sometimes I just love the world. Sue me, it's a factual.)

Eurotard is an Atlanta-based company which manufactures specialty dance and fitness garments for athletes and dancers. "Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom, Liturgical, Swing, Modern and Square Dancing; Gymnastics, Skating, Cheerleading, or Entertaining; Whatever your passion, Dress for Success, Style and Comfort with Eurotard." (...liturgical?)

The origin of this company's name is not explicitly explained on its website. I assume the concept is simply "European" + "leotard," but I don't care because I am a terrible person as well as a child and it's a hilarious word.

Eurotard's line of clothing includes leotards, tights, aerobic wear, "cover-ups," gymnastics uniforms, cheerleading outfits, and ballet shoes. They offer sizes for adults as well as children.

Not only does Eurotard provide apparel for everyday dancers and gymnasts, but also for professional sports teams, including the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Falcons, the Sugar Bowl, and the Atlanta Para-Olympics. (I am not kidding or making fun in the least - this appears on the site's "About" page. It seems more than a little crass to clothe the disabled in tights that say TARDS on the label, but maybe I'm overreacting.)

The website suffers from several irritations, not the least of which is the constant flashing assortment of prancy ladies. Also their catalog is broke. Also, maybe I can't count in European, but I think there's something seriously wrong with their size charts: the height and weight parameters are wack; people who need an XL should not be shorter than those who need L.


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