Pick titles carefully and call a spade a spade

This is a common misunderstanding for newbie noders, but it's something that needs to be picked up on quickly to keep the database as uncluttered as possible.

Assume that your fellow noders are smart enough to navigate everything proficiently. Please don't create a node with a similar title, containing only the words "See: original node name." Neither should you copy the text of your original node and plop it into place in the new node. Not even if you hit "Don't display in 'New Writeups.' " If somebody is looking up information on your topic, but they don't type in your exact heading then the little list of Findings will guide them quickly into the waiting arms of your carefully researched writeup.


Just imagine a heavy lag day. Somebody looks up a node and waits several minutes worth of lagged load time only to see a single writeup with the lone words:

"See: original node name."

How do you think that makes them feel? Probably not like giving upvotes.

This isn't to say that you shouldn't include other common names for your topic in your writeup, just that you probably shouldn't create a giant web of mostly empty nodes based around one solitary writeup.

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