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I just noticed a bunch of people coming back from a frat party. I observed something interesting, so in the tradition of Everything, I will node this idea.

Why do so many students feel the need to wildly exaggerate the amount of shots / bowls / beer / alcohol / drugs they had just consumed? Since I am on probation (for passing out in the dorm hall from drinking too much, otherwise I would have probably gone out) I have decided to stay sober for a while. I noticed that a lot of people brag loudly about the amount they had consumed already and plan to consume in the near future.

"I just had 16 shots! And I'm going back for more!"

Aw come on. You can't have 16 shots and still walk straight like you just did. Unless you are 7 feet tall and weigh 350 pounds anyways.

Then there is the people who fake it for some oddball reason. I have gone to parties with some people, watched them the whole time. They would have 2 shots then lurch wildly around as if they were completely wasted.

I also noticed drunk people tend to act very rudely. They piss all over the place. They fight. They strut around naked. They yell. They do stupidass shit. Why is the ability to consume massive amounts of drugs so admired in today's youth culture?

It isn't like it is a great thing. I wouldn't admire a guy for his ability to drink 20 shots and walk around like nothing happened. In fact, I would be worried about the condition of his liver. True alcoholics are the people who can remain functioning even with huge amounts of alcohol in them.

If this "ability to take massive amounts of chemicals in someone's body and still act relatively OK" was not so admired by their peers, then nobody would fake drunkenness. And nobody will drink their asses off. I've done it before, it isn't too fun. I think I will practice moderation from now on. Let them have their boot and rally. I'll just have a few and kick back.

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