So a male bus driver in Cleveland is doing his job while a woman is screaming at him. He talks about how he's going to have his grand daughter come beat her up, for reasons the video doesn't show. The woman responds with telling him that she will beat his grand daughter up and someone else as well if he involves them. The arguing persists, the man says something to provoke the woman to hit him. The man reacts by stopping the bus and hitting the woman back.

I have a strong opinion on this matter. You may or may not agree with me and that's okay. I think if a woman is willing to hit a man as if she were a man, she should take it like a man. You can't just sit there and expect a man to let a woman hit on him if you can't expect the same from a woman. Woman talk about equal rights and then say men have to take their abuse because, men are stronger than a woman. Men can't help that woman are weaker than they are.

In this video what makes me angry is, people were cheering on the girl. They were the crowd sending her the message to fight. No one expected the man would fight back. This man works in public transportation, as you can tell. When the woman hits him while he is trying to transport people to where they need to go safely, he has the right to defend himself.

Not only that, the woman hit him once and he hit her once, so he didn't over react. He's not to blame for what the woman did. It's a natural reaction to want to hit someone back once they hit you. Right when the woman hit that man it's safe to assume, she was looking for a fight.

The man did not have a threatening body language, he never said he was going to hit her or harm her in any way and, the woman hit him first without being in harms way. Saying that, the man was defending himself and was in the right.

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