As scary as it seems, there are people who seriously believe in the flat earth theory. They have decided to interpret the Bible in this way, and have formed a society of people who believe this way.

They even have a magazine, Flat Earth News. and in their own words, "Each issue contains further proofs of the fact - earth IS flat."

There is also a Flat Earth Society which can be found at, which seems to be inspired by the Illuminatus! trilogy, the Church of the Subgenius and the Principia Discordia.

It teaches that the earth is flat and five cornered, that Idaho doesn't exist, that all places called Springfield are in fact the same place and that what hollow earth theorists see is actually the people living on the bottom.

They are also connected with another group, The Flat Earth Liberation Front Against Television, which claims that the earth was once flat and infinitely large, but that the earth was 'confined, restricted, and twisted into a perverse spherical shape by a conspiracy of TELEVISION BROADCASTERS in an attempt to realize their dream of TOTAL HUMAN MIND CONTROL through subsurviant captive homogonized market share' (capitalisation and spelling errors theirs).

They plan to rectify this problem by taking pick-axes and cutting down the International Date Line, flattening out the earth, then infinitely landfilling round the edges.

Update 22/03/03 The above link is now out of date. However you can still find FELFAT at

Update 11/7/03 The old URL is back

The Flat Earth Society (officially named the International Flat Earth Research Society) was founded in the year 1800 in Great Britain and the United States. Charles Johnson, once president of the Flat Earth Society, qualified its founding date with the statement that "The Flat Earth Society was founded in 1492 B.C., when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt and gave them the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai." His reasoning? "Moses was a flat-earther." How he came to that conclusion, I don't know.

In the 1940's, flat-earther and friend of the Flat Earth Society Wilbur Glenn Voliva explained that the earth is shaped like a pancake, with the North Pole at the center and the South Pole distributed around the circumference. Asked why ships don't just sail off the edge of the earth, Voliva explained that an unscalable wall of ice surrounds the outside of our world. He also posited that the sun is a mere 32 miles in diameter and is positioned not more than 3,000 miles from Earth.

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