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Some of you may slurp down a shot of Absolut or Stolichnaya and say to yourself "Hey, this is some cool tasting shit!"

For the other 90% of the populace, which just drink it straight down the hatch, I have here some ways to make your Vodka taste a bit better.

Oh, and if you're one of the 10% that like the taste of Vodka, you might want to try Stroh Rum. Not that weak and puny 60% brand, but rather the 80% alcohol version. In case that doesn't get you off, seek professional help.

*** Note: you'll probably want to use the better brands of Vodka for these, as the awful-tasting Vodkas tend to stay that way even when spiced.

  • Chili Vodka - For a bottle of Vodka, use about 3 to 5 chili peppers, and let them sit in the Vodka bottle for a minimum of 2 days, and then check occasionally and take out the peppers when it's hot enough for you. Note: use normal Chilis for this; Habaneras or Jalapeno peppers are somewhat more expensive, and woo hoo, do they burn.
  • Cinnamon Vodka Put 2 - 3 cinnamon sticks in the bottle, for a minimum of 3 days (with the finer brands of Vodka, you can even get that Goldschlager-like taste).
  • Vanilla Vodka The usual amount is 4 to 6 Vanilla sticks in a bottle, you can score the Vanilla sticks and use less, but the Vodka wouldn't be clear, it'll have a bit of murkiness, but much more taste.
  • Bram's Vodka - Take 5 to 7 fresh garlic cloves, and put them in with the Vodka for five days. Very healthy, though not for the faint of heart, and of course not when humans are present.
  • Toffee Vodka Take about 5 candies, all the same taste, and put them in with the Vodka for a minimum of 2 days. Mmmm... Sacrelicious

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