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Flickering Lights is the international title of the danish and swedish movie Blinkende lygter directed by Anders Thomas Jensen released in 2000.

Torkild, Peter, Arne and Stefan, who have been friends as well as co-gangsters for years trick their boss and steal away with his money. Because one of them was wounded during the escape they aren't able to follow their initial plan to fly to Barcelona, instead they have to hide in a decayed house in a forest while the whole scandinavian Mafia is searching for them. The movie portrays their stay in this house, how they learn from the weird local hunter that it used to be a restaurant, and slowly they all figure out that they would like to stay there and maybe reopen it. Four flashbacks show scenes from their boyhood which caused their neurotic behaviour in the present, one of the major reasons the movie is considered a comedy. A good one.

Even though the story might be predictable for cineasts it is a great movie, the acting as well as the script. I'd really love to tell you about the argument between weapon-fanatic Arne and the cow that is provoking him. And later the herd of cows. Well, watch it.


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