After yesterday's visa fiasco, I finally got a fresh set of papers and booked a new flight home. Unfortunately, the only flight available was a local carrier, known for shabby quality and low prices. I can't use my frequent flyer miles on this new airline. Darn. Paid in cash. Anyways, there were many flight newbies onboard. I suspect many people on my flight home today is on their first ever plane trip.

The gasps of fear and vomiting amused me while I stewed in my rage over yesterday's events. Flight newbies tend to be more active on the plane than the bored vets of air travel.

Usually, flight newbies lose their jitteryness after a couple flights, but some develop a nasty fear of flying, and never fly again. Oh well, their loss. I'm sick of the all the vomiting anyways. These people become hysterical as soon as the plane moves. Pray you don't get seated next to one of these people. In addition, avoid little kids like the plague on planes. They scream all the time.

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