The food-based orgasm is a rare occurrence I have noticed. It seems that certain people respond to certain foods with intense pleasure, far beyond simply enjoying it. This occurrence seems to be a true orgasm, unlike what was learned when the Brunching Shuttlecocks attended a male multiple orgasm class.

I have observed this behavior in two females. The first, who informed me that it really was that enjoyable, experiences it with salmon sushi and once with a dessert called an English Trifle. The second experienced it with tiramisu.

In both cases, the response was subtle - not a When Harry Met Sally experience. I observed quiet "mmm" noises, along with the rate of consumption slowing gradually. Eventually they stopped, sighed, with eyes closed and simply leaned back in their chair and sat there with a mysterious smile for a few minutes, refusing to move.

To this day, I wonder what causes this phenomenon? Both English Trifle and tiramisu are desserts with alcohol-infused cake. But salmon sushi is completely different. I was told that the reason might be salmon sushi has a sort of salty flavor, and might taste in a way like idealized genitalia flavor. But this doesn't explain the desserts - - could it be that they had been prepared on the ideal boundary between too rich and not rich enough?

Why does this fascinate me? I can't be certain, but in at least some of the occurrences, I was eating the same thing and did not have a reaction. Maybe I'm jealous.

Update: jarsyl says Re food orgasms: I have a male friend who has similar reactions to well prepared sushi of various types. I don't think it's limited to females or to salmon sushi, for that matter.

At a tiny restaurant* in Jasper, Alberta, Canada, I had a food orgasm. We started with a beef and wasabi salad, which had a really fabulous soy peanut dressing. Then my main course was halibut fillet served over sweet potatoes mashed with Cinnamon, covered in a curry yogurt sauce, with fresh steamed vegetables on the side. Oh, and some very good white wine.

About halfway through the main course (which I was enjoying immensely) I started to feel very warm, almost as if I were running a low fever. It's the curry, I know you'll say. But it was so much more. It was very sexual, and I ... well, let's just say I enjoyed the meal a lot and got my boyfriend back to our hotel room as fast as possible. And then we ate there again the next night.

As for cause, I don't think it was the fish or the spices or anything that specific. I think food just really can be that good sometimes.

The whole thing reminded me of that scene in Like Water for Chocolate where she makes the rose petal sauce. Highly recommended.

*If you're ever in Jasper, look for the Warden's Not Here restaurant in Folding Mountain Village, about 4km outside the east gate of Jasper National Park. You won't regret it.

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