Believe it or not there was a demo on the original Apple Macintosh PowerPCs called Gerbils!  On the CD for OS 7.5.x there was a demo to show off the new-and-improved performance.  Each time the demo was run it would generate a random track resembling a rollercoaster.  Except instead of a coaster on the tracks there were a number of gerbils.  One of the views was from the point-of-view of the gerbil, along with above, in front, and so on.  Also, just about any 3D QuickTime model could be imported instead of the gerbil, for your viewing pleasure.

Gerbils is an Athens, Georgia band that is related to the Elephant 6 Recording Company collective. Their sound is classified as lo-fi psychedelic indie-pop (whew!). The bandmembers are as follows: The members met each other while attending school in Ruston, Louisiana, where Spillane and D'Azzo started the band Smilin' Joe Fission with violinist John Fernandes (Olivia Tremor Control) and Ross Beach (guitars) in 1992.

After a series of lineup modifications, they released their first demo (at the time with Beach as well as cellist Penny Burbank, who later joined Azalia Snail). After releasing a few singles on labels like Spare Me and Earworm, they released their debut full length Are You Sleepy? on Hidden Agenda in 1998. Are You Sleepy? combines the previous singles, as well as 5 previously unreleased tracks, which were recorded in Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California during 1996, and distributed on cassette tapes in 1997.

The members of Gerbils occasionally play with Olivia Tremor Control and as backing band for Neutral Milk Hotel.

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