A 4 way scrolling platform game, released by capcom in 1985, It involved the controlling of a knight, sir arthur, who's job it was to save the beautiful princess of hus from the evil demon.

You start with a lance as your primary weapon, and can also collect a dagger (which is, imho, the best weapon, as it has a superior firing rate), the torch (which is almost useless), the axe (which has a short range, but can take out multiple enemies at once), then shield (which was a cross on some bootleg versions, including my board)

It has quite nice graphics, and great music, which was sadly missed in many home versions (although the music which replaced it on the 8 bit computers, by Mark Cooksey, was a classic), but most importantly, it was, and still is, very fun to play

The most memorable thing about it,. however, is when you first get hit, you loose your armour, and hence run around in your underwear. There is a trick on some versions, where if you turn into a frog (by shooting the gravestones), you will get your armour back when the spell wears off, but not in the original version

It spawned an arcade sequal, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, which is also deinantly worth a few credits. The Japanese version is called Makaimura which translates to Demon World Village

The version of Ghosts 'n' Goblins for the Nintendo NES is probably the hardest and most frustrating platform game ever devised. I'm sure that the Capcom game designers are still getting a big hoot out of people that play this game due to its super high difficulty. I think this has to do with the nature of platform games, usually designed so as to cause the player to take damage from touching enemies or enemy fire. This is in conflict with the unforgiving "two touches and you're out" mentality of a game that's, when compared to a game of similar mechanics such as Super Mario Bros, just really hard to start with. Adding further insult to injury, you must make it through to the end of each zone before your progress "is saved" and you can continue on from that point. The result is, in my opinion, a game that is so far past other platform games in difficulty as to render it ridiculous and comical.

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