Giant Robo is an epic Anime series directed by Imagawa Yasuhiro. It began in 1992 with the first of 7 OVA's and finally concluded in 1998 (after a year and a half delay from Episode 6).

The brave new world of the future! Earth has gone through its third energy revolution, and now all power is based on a new invention called 'the Shizuma Drive,' a complete recyclable and pollution free energy system created ten years ago by a group of five scientists. These drives power everything. There is no more danger of nuclear radiation, or waste of rare petroleum resources.

Even though it sounds like an ideal society, there are still problems. There are two major powers who are locked in a fierce struggle. The first is the Big Fire Organization, which is a very powerful evil organization, and threatens to conquer the world, with the help of their numerous robots.

The only people capable of putting a stop to their plan is the International Police Organization. They consist of a team of agents, all having their own special powers. They also have the most powerful robot in the world, Giant Robo. Giant Robo is controlled by Kusama Daisaku.

Giant Robo main character rundown (information attained from Giant Robo Part 1):

Giant Robo
At 30m high and weighing 1500 tons, Giant Robo lives up to his name. This land battle robot was originally built by Professor Kusama (Daisaku Kusama's father) when he was working for "The Big Fire". Giant Robo is armed with a number of missiles, torpedoes and cannons located throughout its body. It also has flight capability (max speed 565 km/h) and is voice-controlled by Daisaku.

Daisaku Kusama
A plucky 12 year old who has the sole responsibility of controlling Giant Robo, the worlds most powerful robot. His father left him the legacy of Giant Robo in an attempt to reverse the wrongs he committed. As a result he becomes both the greatest weapon and weakness of the IPO. He demonstrates his courage again and again, but at times can be an annoying, precious brat.

This stocky 25 year old, nicknamed the Black Whirlwind wields a pair of axes to devastating effect (proficient to bring down helicopters). Despite his apparent brutish, violent temperament towards property and human life he is a softy at heart. He has a crush on Ginrei which leads him to dislike Daisaku because he feels he is a rival for her affection.

This 27 year old is a hard fighting, hard drinking martial arts expert whose special skills are the Jet Fists and the Magical Speed which enables him to run at supersonic speeds. He treats Tetsugu like a younger brother often saving him from making big mistakes, and he also feels very protective towards Daisaku because he is one of the only people who understands him.

She is the IPO Expert sent to rescue Professor Sizuma and at only 18 years old she is already a young woman with a shady past. Her special ability is teleportation although if overused it will zap her life force resulting in death. She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat but also carries a gun that packs the punch of a bazooka. Ginrei is affectionate towards Daisaku treating him like a younger brother.

Kenji Murasame
The IPO's stylish Paris agent who appears to be totally invulnerable to any sort of attack while sporting a bright pink overcoat, hat and well manicured quiff, which even after gun shots and bomb blasts remains unscathed.

Professor Go
Chief scientist and technical genius of the IPO who never takes an aggressive stance preferring to use his "Iron Fan Defence" when threatened.

An egotistical and extremely powerful individual who can emit waves of pure force. He once had a run-in with Taiso in which he lost an eye and is eager for a rematch.

Genya is the son of the mad (?) Dr Franken von Folger and is resented by the rest of the Magnificent Ten, particularly Alberto. He is driven by revenge and haunted by the Bashtarlle incident, and his personal spy and bodyguard is the silent, armour-clad Ko-Enshalu.

Sneaky sidekick of Alberto who also pilots the Big Fire's, Uranus.

translation from the Anime Reference Guide, volume 2, number 1, printed in 1993, page 30

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