This is the story about how Skibladner, Gungnir, Draupnir, Mjollnir, a golden pig and Sif's hair of gold was presented to the Aesir in Norse Mythology.

The story begins when Loki the trickster for no apparent reason cut the hair off Sif, Thor's wife, while she was asleep. Thor threatened to kill Loki, and he had to make amends by promising to get the dwarves to make new hair for Sif. Loki went to the sons of Ivalde, and they made three gifts to the Gods, Sif's hair, the ship Skibladner and the spear Gungnir.

Well pleased, Loki met the dwarf Brokk on the way home. He made a bet that if the dwarf's brother Sindre could make better gifts to the Aesir than these, they could have his head. The dwarves took the bet, and produced three gifts, a golden pig, the ring Draupnir and the hammer Mjollnir. Mjollnir was slightly defected because Loki turned himself into a fly and disturbed the smiths, thus it's handle was too short.

When reaching Asgard, the Aesir Odin, Thor and Frey was chosen to decide which gifts were best. Loki presented his gifts first. He gave the golden hair to Thor for his wife, and explained that the hair would fasten itself to Sif's scalp and grow like normal hair. Skibladner, a ship that would always sail with the wind and could be folded up in a pocket when not needed, was given to Frey. Odin recieved the spear Gungner, a spear that could not be stopped from hitting its mark.

The three Aesir was well pleased with these gifts, but Brokk presented his brother's gifts. Draupnir was given to Odin. Every ninth night, this ring would produce new rings of the same size. The golden pig was Frey's gift. Brokk said it could run through the air and over sea, day and night, faster than any horse. Wherever the pig ran, it would always be light, because its golden hairs were shining. Finally, the hammer Mjollnir which was indestructible and would always return to the wielder's hand if thrown, was given to Thor.

The three judges decided that all gifts were good gifts, but Thor's hammer was by far the best, in spite of its too short handle. Hearing this, Brokk laid claim to Loki's head, who retorted that "You can have my head, but you can't touch my neck!". Brokk was angry, and sewed Loki's lips together with a string.

And so ends the story...

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