I don't know if getzburg's writeup still has a negative reputation, but I wanted to offer a few reasons in response to his complaint:

  1. The band is actually called the Gipsy Kings,with an i. Of course you're not the only person to make this mistake; there are a lot of Web pages that refer to the "Gypsy Kings."
  2. They're not Eastern European; they're from France and they sing in a dialect of Spanish (their families fled from Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Their music incorporates elements of traditional Spanish Gypsy music, flamenco, and rhumba.
  3. There wasn't any sign of a mandolin player in the band, and the drummers are all backup musicians--the actual band all play guitars and use a box for percussion.
  4. and most important, I was able to collect this information in 10 minutes, by checking out www.gipsykings.net. It is possible that your writeup has been voted down because it contains some significant and easily correctable errors.

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