"There is hope for the future because God has a sense of humor and we are funny to God." - Bill Cosby

I never stopped believing in God, but I have wondered in the past whether or not God ever believed in me. I'm sure He believes in some of us. Well, perhaps 'belief' isn't the correct term to use. I don't think God has to believe in anything. I mean, He's God. He knows already, so why would He have to believe? He's not a believer. God is an artist.

I stopped believing in organized religion a long time ago. Whether the religious zealots in question are conservative or liberal or moderate or incontinent, just like most other things, humans have a tendency of fucking it up. God is not a religious zealot. That would make Him a narcissist. God is an artist.

More specifically, I know there is a supreme force of some kind. The very existence of this universe, which could not have evolved on its own by pure chance, proves that something was behind its inception and guides its continuous dance between order and chaos. However, I don't think any one religion on this planet has it all figured out. Human beings were responsible for making religions: not God. He makes stuff like trees and rabbits and sunsets. Religion is too petty of a process for a Universe Maker. God is not petty. God doesn't have to leave anything to chance, unless He wants to leave something to chance. However, God might be pretentious and vain, because God is an artist.

This recent conservative swing of the pendulum among rural America is in my not so humble opinion a reactionary gut check among the Christian Americans who are beginning to suspect that the very presence of muslims and jews on this planet is threatening to weaken their claim of being the most powerful theology on Earth. It's like back in the crusades when Christians thought they had to remove the heathen from Palestine, when from their perspective, the Christians were the heathens. It's really pretty funny when you step back and look at it. Or rather, it could be funny if not for all the bloodshed that has been involved for the past few millenia. Quite frankly it's a miracle we haven't caused our own extinction as a species, because we keep insisting on thinking of ourselves in terms of nations or religions or tribes or cultures or races or any other kind of us versus them when in reality we're all stuck on this stupid spinning rock in space and whether we like it or not, we're one culture. One faith. One tribe. One race. The human race. Like it or not, we're stuck with each other. God is not stuck with us. He's probably not thinking about us as much as we like to believe He does. God answers prayer about as often as an obsessed scultor or painter returns his phone calls. God is an artist.

"You can’t keep asking that God will find a way. God is tired of you. ...And God said, “I’m going to find a way.” I wasn’t there when God said it… I’m making this up. But it sounds like what God would do." - Bill Cosby

Today we human beings on the western hemisphere of this spinning rock think we've learned so much more and can just waltz into the eastern hemisphere and talk peace while we simultaneously blow things up in the middle east, or not take sides even though muslims know we side more with the jews or vice versa. Seriously we haven't any better an idea how to find common ground over there than we did when Richard the Lion Hearted thought he had it all figured out. For all our advancements and achievements, we human beings are still little more than neanderthals throwing rocks at the moon. God's not a neanterthal. God made neanderthals. He made a lot of things. God is an artist.

The answers may not even be in ancient scripture. We've already looked there for thousands of years and where has it gotten us? Each religion claims their scripture is the unwavering voice of their God. However, they each also admit that said voice of God was transcribed by ..you guessed it. A fallible human. In fact the humans who allegedly did the transcription were all male, so naturally they described God as a male. However, that was rather egocentric. For all we know, God's not even male. I refer to Him as a male out of convenience, but I'm consciously aware I may be in error. God doesn't make errors, because He makes the rules. If He does something wrong, He just changes the rules so that He's not wrong anymore. Is that cheating? It's God's game, so if He makes the rules, He can't cheat. God's not a cheater. God is an artist.

Science brings us closer to God than the Koran, Talmud, and the Christian Bible combined. The religions postulate that Science is unholy because they claim it makes man think he is like God. That's like saying if you drive a car you should never look under the hood for fear of becoming like a car manufacturer. God is not a car manufacturer. As Bill Cosby once said, and I can't find the exact quote this time so I'm gonna have to paraphrase:

Man invents. God creates. Man invented the AUTOMOBILE. Called it AMAZING! God made a tree said it was good. Man invented the REFRIGERATOR. Called it INCREDIBLE. God made a rabbit and called it good. The wheels fell off the car. The refrigerator lost its cool. Tree's still up and rabbit's still runnin'.

God's not a comedian, but he has a sense of humor. God is an artist. He makes stuff. Men make abstract concepts like religions and pretend this brings them closer to God, while also using religion conveniently to separate themselves from other humans that think differently. The religions of humanity are upset because they each want to lay claim on the One True God, and fear science will one day prove or disprove the assumptions each religion takes for granted. What no one seems to understand is that science is just another theology; one that is just as flawed because like any theology it is created by Man and not by God. There are no facts: only laws, suppositions and theories. There still comes a point, even with science, when one has to accept certain things on faith.

God don't have to leave anything to faith. God doesn't care about faith. God cares about art. He's an artist. At least, that's what I believe. He could be a kumquat for all I know...

Nodeshell Rescue sorta. Actually I was originally gonna call this God is an engineer but when I found this nodeshell it made more sense and all the pieces kinda fell into place.

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