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Guy Sebastian was the winner of Australian Idol in 2003, the antipodian spin-off of Pop Idol.

Guy was born in Malaysia in 1981 and is of Sri Lankan, Portugese, Indian and English ancestry. His family migrated to Australia in 1987 and eventually settled in Adelaide. He dabbled in violin, piano and drums without much achievement as a child. However, when he was fourteen year old he suddenly discovered his singing talent when he had to perform in front of his school at assembly.

He further developed his repertoire by being an active participant and singer at the local evangelical Paradise Community Church, a training ground perhaps off the radar for most music industry experts, but which exposed him to performing in front of up to 15,000 people. After school he briefly attended Adelaide University studying radiology, before dropping out to teach vocals at high school and work as a recording engineer. He eventually completed 30 original songs, many with a religious theme.

Guy Sebastian participated in Australian Idol, and eventually won against front runner Shannon Noll (an equally affable country boy whose earnestness is more down-to-earth). The audience liked his effortlessly modest and cheerful manner, and a set of personal principles that contrasted against the bitchy and steamier side of the entertainment politics. He stated publically he was a virgin and prayed before each concert, and in the polls through SMS teenagers ranked Sabastian as Australia's idol for 2003. His trademark afro haircut also helped.

Guy’s debut single, Angels Brought Me Here debuted at number one in Australia. In just one week it sold over 128,000 copies, becoming the fastest selling single in Australian history excluding Lady Di tribute tracks.

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