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No, a Hamfest has absolutely nothing to do with pig meat. A Hamfest is a big ham radio/computer expo, where you can pick up all manners of ham radio and computer equipment extremely cheaply. I have saved large amounts of cash at these events. The Minneapolis-area hamfests attract at least a few thousand people, twice a year - a number which seems to be growing quite rapidly.

Ahh yes, hamfests. One of the nicer things in life. A place where you can go and be nostalgic about old equipment to your heart's content. At the Tropical Hamboree, our annual hamfest here in Miami, FL, you can find all kinds of old, very interesting crap. It seems that the presence of computer vendors at the show has gone up in the last few years; I look forward to it every year to do a lot of my computer shopping.

The people you find at hamfests can be interesting, too. I once met a person who had been working in radio for over 50 years. He had interesting stories to tell about how much things have really changed, along with a very impressive collection of vintage radio equipment to sell. Hamfests rule, don't miss one if you can help it.

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