That is, how to cure a headache without drugs. The first method is the simplest, it involves pinching your headache pressure point, which is the fleshy nerve cluster in the webbing between your thumb and forefinger. Pinch with your left hand. Continue until headache stops.

The second method is a shiatsu technique. Using a knuckle, or other hard object such as a massage stone or ball peen hammer, press with some force on the center of your hairline. If you have no hair or a receding hairline then start two inches above the eyebrows along the centreline of the head. Hold this pressure for six seconds, then press about two inches behind that point, and repeat six seconds of pressure every two inches all the way back to the base of the skull. End here with a light massage of this point. The theory behind this is that headaches are blood pressure related, and blood pressure can be normalized by applying pressure in various points of a region.

This is also a good one, it involves conscious observation of your headache. Visualize it, like a cloud of pain. Describe the pain- what kind of pain is it, where exactly in your head does it hurt. What about now. Where does it hurt. What kind of pain is it. What about now... This one works well for me, I think it also has to do with blood circulating to those areas, but through sheer concentration rather than external stimulation. Do all three for a triple threat.

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