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English soccer stadium, home of Sheffield Wednesday.

Hillsborough was created in 1899 when Sheffield Wednesday moved from across the city, purchasing the land from the Duke of Norfolk. Initially nothing more than a playing field, the addition of spectator's stands on three sides of the ground and the creation of 'The Spion Kop', a huge mound of terraced earth at one end of the pitch, transformed Hillsborough into one of the largest stadia in English football.

Successive boards of the football club put great stock in the continued development of the stadium, and from 1961 (when the first cantilever stand in British football was opened) until 1989, Hillsborough was regarded as the most modern and impressive stadium in the country.

April 15th 1989 saw the Hillsborough Disaster, in which 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives in a tragic crush at the Leppings Lane end of the ground. The resulting Taylor Report into ground safety made all-seater stadia compulsary and along with Rupert Murdoch's Sky TV money, kickstarted the transformation of football into the phenomenon it is today.

Today's redeveloped Hillsborough holds 40,000 spectators and is once again one of the most admired stadia in British sport.

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